Monday, October 27, 2014


Here's a little collection of milagros,  religious folk charms used for healing or other favors in some cultures.  Typically you can buy a milagro at a shrine or nearby market.  The theme of the milagro is not exactly fixed:  sometimes a heart might represent a wish or prayer for healing a heart ailment whereas at other times it can be used to help a romance.  To me these look like (from left to right) a prayer for a rounded or humped back or just a generic petition made while kneeling down;  a heart;  a hand or forearm;  a little girl maybe;  eyes and nose, maybe even sinuses?  My collection came with little tatty ribbons tied to them.  They're made of silver. 

I have some other, larger milagros (also called ex votos, dijeos, or promesas) made of tin.  I have several hearts and one large flat baby Jesus.  I bought these tin ones in Italy;  the smaller ones in the collection drawn here came from San Antonio.  Once a friend who lived there sent me an arm milagro when I was having a nasty bout of poison ivy with its epicenter on my arms.

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  1. i have a wonderful little book on milagros. i just love them, all in their particular quirkinesses.