Thursday, October 2, 2014


I have a large collection of armless goddesses.  They aren't actually a collection, but more of a posse that has gathered over the years on a shelf in my studio.  What's the deal with armless goddesses?  Only one of these is a reproduction of an older figure, the one on the right which is a Cycladic stiff white goddess reproduction.  The others I either found abandoned in studios or I made over the years.  Tomorrow:  more armless women.  What are they saying?? Why do I like them so much?

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  1. hey gwen, i've wondered about it, but often go back to the disturbing thought that the patriarchy doesn't like women with power (hands and head and feet) but women subservient. that disturbs many women's torsos, headless, powerless. and yet, the torso is where power, birth, sex lies. all very confusing to my mind.