Sunday, October 5, 2014

Little Seeds Magnified

J and I went for a short time to the bird sanctuary this afternoon, and I collected some of the many seed heads in the pollinators' meadow.  The biggest surprise was the pokeweed plant, which had, in addition to the usual glistening purple berries, the seed heads that form from the berries.  They look like miniature blackish-gray truck tires (see drawing 3239, top left).  I don't know the names of the other plants from which these seeds came.  They were all in the stage of dispersing seeds, though, and fascinating in their geometry and clever trap doors and dehiscent seams.  At top right is a print from an eraser carving that I made of one of last week's buckeyes in its case.  It's pretty flat compared to the drawing, looks more like a stack of pancakes with a pool of butter melting on it.

And here's a print from a carving that I made of that little moon from Chiusi Citta, chiesa di San Francesco.  Love it so much with its sneer and its droopy eyelids!

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