Thursday, October 30, 2014

Restaurant People and a Little Mojo

 P and I are sitting in our current favorite neighborhood restaurant and I spy two guys at the next booth having a good conversation.  Here they are, leaning in close.  Every now and then they burst out laughing, then they lean in close again to talk.  Across from them is a group of three, but the only person I can get a good look at is a woman who steadily chomps on chips.  SHe has an interesting face, eyes that look like they stare into the sun all day long.
Across from us a family arrives, and their little boy looks like and acts like Nate.  I can't resist trying to draw him, and he moves constantly of course.  He has darker hair than Nate, not quite as crazy, but his expressions and features and voice are so Nate-like that I feel a huge urge to jump on a plane for Newark.

When we get home I paint a little voodou doll that my friend E gave me a few years ago and that I keep in my studio.  I like the way the body is made of string, and the forlorn little bell on top of the head.  Good mojo for sure.

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