Friday, October 10, 2014

Roots Like Caterpillars; Stumps Like Little Bowls

A and I went for a long hike, over 4 miles, this morning, through fields, woods, along the river, and into a grove of giant golden bamboo.  We sat on the soft damp forest floor and drew bamboo roots and stumps.  What a pleasure to have a drawing buddy as obsessed as I am about these things!  (She  is the friend who got me into this 10,000 project with her quote in the first place.)  This grove is home to Owl Man, who has now been moved to face away from the river and has had his leg repaired;  but his foot is missing and the missing part is covered with leaves.  He also holds a small troll doll in his lap.  I may turn Owl Man around again the next time I go there so that he looks out on the river from his perch under the bamboo.

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