Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Endless Pods, Seeds, and One Sleepy Cat

 Oh when will these seed drawings end??  Every day I decide to draw something else, but then I find myself with a pocket full of great seeds that cannot be resisted.  At least today F's cat Montana got herself drawn, such a great still cat who sleeps with her head upright and never moves while I'm drawing!  The astonishing seeds are rose hips from, I believe, knockout roses;  dehiscent pods from a euonymous (sp??) bush, so fluorescent pink and orange that they look like cupcakes that you would buy from Sam's Club;  and a flat, maroon pod from a purple version of a scarlet runner vine.
Above is a gondola-like scarlet runner bean pod, emptied out and with the three beans that were inside lined up beneath.

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