Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thoughtless Drawing

 Tonight's drawings happened without any thinking on my part.  The first two appeared on notebook pages while I was leading a meeting this afternoon.  At a certain point I was unable to not draw the sinuous lines of a scarf, even though I was listening to the scarf-wearer intently.  I hardly glanced at the paper until afterwards.  It felt wonderful to trace those flowy lines, tuck into that bunchy knot.
 This second drawing happened right after the scarf.  Someone had tossed a jacket onto the seat of the booth we were sitting in, and again I could not resist.  I seem to be able to listen better when I draw.  I can remember the whole conversation; yet the only notes I took were the lines in the jacket.  Drawing is mysterious when it slips out of conscious control, as it is doing more and more these days.
My friend L came over this evening and we parallel drew while we visited for a couple of hours.I started with the now-withered rose hip that has been featured on these pages several times since I found it last week.  I like the crenelations  it is acquiring and the dark greenish mildew that is forming in tiny rims along the perimeter of the dark end. 

Next I drew a couple of my mojo items.  The heart has a woman who is part plant on both sides.  I don't know where it came from but it's been rattling around my studio for several years.  This time it popped up on a shelf with other little things, including the face at the top.  I really like this face.  It has a hole drilled through it, so it must be a bead of some kind.  It's about the size that I drew it, tiny, not quite half an inch and made of metal. 

The notebook these are all drawn in has terrible thin paper with enormous strike-through and limited absorbency, but it worked okay.  It looks like check register paper or something.

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