Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Speed Drawing

SOme days there's only time for drawing on the fly.  Tonight I settled in to draw some restaurant patrons, and halfway into the couple at bottom left, our dinner arrived.  So I wrapped it up with a few strokes, and then quick-quick sketched one of the waiters, who was not still for one second but kept moving back into the pose every few minutes.  After dinner I managed to get the woman with her basket of chips.
At home Jesse was nearby, so I drew him while he grabbed a snack.  I really looked at his tail and noticed that he has eight stripes, counting the dark tip.  That explosion of yarn on the right side is Jesse's new bed.  I found a piece of leather from a long-haired sheep that had sheep hair on one side.  I thought J would love this bed.  But he ignored it for a week.  So I put it on the chair that I sit in to draw, and that's when he started sleeping in it.  Now he's back to ignoring it, but it makes a nice chair cover for chilly days in the studio.

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