Friday, November 14, 2014

Arrival of Treasures

It was impossible to post last night because I was in the middle of installing Yosemite on my Macbook, which made scanning impossible as it took hours to download the files and more hours this morning to install.  But all is done now and here, then, are yesterday's and today's drawings.  First, two more cats from F's house.  On the left a small colorful maybe wood, maybe papier mache celebratory cat;  and on the other side a little bronze cat, one of three. 

I picked up Maya from school yesterday to keep her for the few minutes between when she had to be picked up and when she could be fetched by her parents;  the timing was perfect, because that afternoon a fantastic package had arrived from Pia in Barcelona!  At the top right of this page is a small pillow that Maya immediately made from a piece of fish printed cloth from Pia.  There was another piece of pretty cloth, a tin of Spanish paprika, a lovely piece of beaded lace for Maya to make a bracelet out of, two old photographs for Jacob for inspiration, seeds-- unbelievable seeds-- that will start me drawing seeds all over again--

--and a piece of plushy pink terrycloth for making a sheep with pink.  We started the pink-legged sheep today and will finish her tomorrow morning.  Pia, how can you be such a mind reader and send exactly the things we have been longing for  (including the great rice bag for my next book cover???)
On the left is frozen Charlie sleeping on the pillow Maya made and inside the sleeping bag she made a few  minutes later.  This evening in between bouts of sewing and watching episodes of Once Upon a Time we made meringues.  Maya got the idea from a friend at school today and wanted to make some to bring to his party tomorrow.  Here are sketches of a few of them, really nice looking and quite delicious.  We tinted them a very light minty green.  Tomorrow:  Pia's SEEDS!  Thank you, Pia, and please check your FB messenger for a more complete thank you.

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