Monday, November 24, 2014

Bovine Semi -Abstract

Last night Maya was over and I never got around to posting.  But here are some things she made:  a stuffed terrycloth mustache (orange), a necklace made out of a sheep button,  and the peachy orange and white sheep at left below.  We now have three sheep in our inventory and hope to complete two more for her to sell at the Delany holiday fair December 6.

Today the farm crew moved the cows from the field adjacent to our backyard to one at the corner near the old silo.  I was able to get very close to the cows , and all the rest of these drawings are of cows.  The sun was very bright and angled exactly into my eyes, so it was challenging to draw.  I decided to just go for cow-like gestures and shapes, no time-consuming details .

 After a few minutes I got warmed up and really enjoyed following cows around with my pen.  Of course they never stand still, even when they seem to be still.  What struck me was how silent it was out there.  Here were probably thirty large animals standing around, walking around, lying around;  and the only sound was the occasional breathing sound or chomping on grass.  No mooing, no snorting.  So peaceful. 

When I got home I  painted over everything with plain water, no pigment.  The supposedly waterproof pen bled very nicely.  This is a technique I picked up from my friend Annie Cicale, only she uses a pen known to be non-waterproof.  My pen was the one I've been believing to be waterproof, but the ink probably was still wet enough to be re-wet.

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