Saturday, November 22, 2014

Restaurant Notes: Puffy Hair and Shitake Kale Rice Bowl

P and I went walking around WAsheville late this afternoon, found some neighborhood treasures, and ended up at King Daddy's for an early dinner.  It seemed to be puffy hair night at KD, except for pony tail man, whose hair was not puffy but was unusually long for the genre.
I had a spectacular rice bowl, perfect for after a chilly walk.  As far as I could tell, these ingredients  combined at home should yield the same results.  There were many, many shitakes, only two smallish stewed tomatoes, an abundance of kale cut into small pieces, a handful of pepitos (pumpkin seeds), and one poached egg.  Perfection!


  1. Yay for puffy hair dos, I mean hair doodles. :) Wonderful!

    Hello there from Wichita, Kansas!

  2. Your post reminded me of this video by Mad TV. I was shocked when I learned the "guy" in the skit is actually a woman. Hope you get a laugh.