Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mournful Jesse

Jesse has that unerring cat sense that tells him when we're sneakily getting ready to go out of town and leave him at the boarding kennel.  This morning we put the cat carrier out on the back porch where he couldn't see it from the house.  We held off packing and hid the bags and piles of clothes.  But sure enough Jesse knew.  All these are drawings of him peering sadly out the door and finally giving up and going over to his food bowl.  He for sure knows something's up when we won't let him go outside.   Shortly before 3:00 he disappeared, and he didn't come out of wherever he has found to hide until we were afraid he had slipped outside somehow and then we would never find him in time to bring him over to Top Dog before 5:00.  Just as we were giving up, he appeared in the kitchen.

We'll be gone for five days, heading to New Orleans by train, taking Jacob with us, to visit my beloved aunt plus some favorite cousins.  I'll be drawing but not posting till early next week.