Sunday, November 2, 2014

French Braid for Maya

Maya's over here this afternoon and over night.  Here she is working on a label for one of the teething sheep that we made.  We made two sheep today, took a short and very cold hike, had a nice leisurely shopping at Whole Foods, and also prowled the aisles of Home Depot searching for some poplar for a block I'm getting ready to carve.
After dinner Maya asked me if I knew how to make French braids.  I sort of knew, theoretically;  but I grew up with four brothers and no sisters and raised three sons and no daughters.  And even though all of the sons went through phases of long hair, none of them ever required braids of any kind from me.  Maya knew just what to do:  "While I take my shower, you go watch some YouTubes and learn how to do it."  So that's what I did, and here's the result.  It's a little messy because she wanted me to braid it wet so that it would dry with some waves in it.  Tomorrow morning I'm supposed to make a regular, dry French braid, now that I'm a graduate of YouTube French Braid Tutorials.  And on the right are the two sheep.