Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Plaster Fossils and Tangerines

When my eldest son was in fifth grade, he went camping with his class from McDonogh #16 in New Orleans, and he brought home a plaster raccoon footprint that he had made.  It's a very well-made impression, and thanks to the little piece of wire embedded at the top, it has hung in all of our many  kitchens since 1977.  Tomorrow is Mike's birthday, so I painted his raccoon print for him  to thank him for it and let him know that I think of him every day when I see that funky little print.  At the top right is a second generation animal print-- a bobcat print that Mike's son Tallis made a couple of years ago when he was a cub scout. 

Across the bottom some quick drawings of the tangerines that L brought over tonight for our studio work period. 

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