Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Book Club!

Book Club is a great place to draw because we meet in different houses and I get to draw other people's things.  Tonight:  this white ceramic vase of oakleaf hydrangeas, possibly dried, definitely sumptuous.  Also, the ceramic cat that I've been wanting to draw for a while and finally sat within eye range of.  I should say that it is glazed in orange and for a long time I thought it was made of papier mache because of its wonderful unseriousness and uncuteness.  And down in the corner is a part of a basket of strawberries.
On the other side of the room was this loopy cat toy, which I've never seen a cat play with, and I spend a lot of time in this house.  I did see Nate play with it a few years ago when he was just starting to crawl and his family was house swapping with F and J.  And on the right, E's lovely boot, which I covet.

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