Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Epicenter of Late Summer Drama

 I like the very end of summer, the slight shrugging of the giant fug of humidity and heat, the frantic activity of butterflies and insects to Get Those Eggs Laid, to do whatever else they have a very short time left to do.  But especially I like the silent drama of seed production deep, in the bellies of the spent flowers. 

I've been especially attuned to seed production this year as I'm starting a new project for the ILDE book arts festival in Barcelona, and this year the big topic is SEEDS.  To get the ideas rolling I decided to spend some time studying and drawing a variety of seed pods and tattered flowers:  the Siberian irises, the bearded irises, the daylilies, the semi-wild aster-like flowers in the front garden, the bergamot, the coneflowers, the zinnias.
Here are words that come to mind as I draw them:  secret, dark, precarious, information package, factory, incubator, winter quarters, envoy, fortress, crucible, patterned, egg-like, tough, expansive, self-sufficient, elegant, cell, time capsule, explosive, infiltrator.

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  1. Do say more about the book arts festival in Barcelona! I see a road trip coming up!