Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jesse and Turkeys; More Seeds

 The turkey family has developed the habit of roosting on our dilapidated old wooden fence.  Today I glanced out the living room window and had this close-up view of one of the three mothers (a new one has joined the pack) and several of the adolescent children.  I could draw only three of them before they began jumping down from the fence.  As soon as all the turkeys were off of the fence, Jesse appeared and leapt to the fence, assuming his fierce steam shovel position.  The turkeys are unimpressed by him these days, but he still watches them carefully.
Back on the seed topic, F loaned me her collection of seeds today, and here are some of them.  The luffa seeds look like small flat black bugs;  the money plant pods rustle like silk paper;  the Mexican sunflowers are like flies.  The words for today:  pattern, sets, geometry, architecture, arch, sculpture, projectile, and poised.

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