Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Seed for New Work

I'm starting an artist's book for an exhibition that has as its topic "seeds" or "book as seed".  My interpretation of seed includes the idea that seeds, like eggs, are made from two different packages of material, as opposed to bulbules or tubers, which essentially produce clones of the parent plant.  Therefore my book will start out with two different ideas.  One of the two ideas in my piece will be seeds as literal plant seeds;  the other seems to want to be this little print that I made today from a sketch I made a number of years ago of a bride in an Italian village wedding.  As in the seed-making process, I want to force-fit these two ideas together and see what will generate itself.

Top left is a drawing of a photograph of a microscopic view of a poppy seed.  I didn't count it because it's just copied from an internet photo.  Below that on the left side are some seed containers from my garden that I enjoyed for lunch today, along with a stem of lavender from the herb bed.  On the right, another seed-like object, half a bird's egg that I found in the woods this evening, glowing pale in the near dark.  Under the egg is a dessicated stem of Indian Pipe, left from last summer, with a few seeds inside its ovary.  Then there is the bride, a sketch done with carving knives on a rubber plate.  And in front of her some abstracted seed forms based on the luffa and poppy seeds from yesterday.

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