Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Culling Part II

I came home from a l-o-n-g day today late this afternoon, during which I had not drawn a single drawing, and decided to blow off the whole project tonight.  P and I snacked for dinner then settled in to watch the last episode of The Killing.  I got a second wind after that, and decided that I could do a little sketching;  so I reached into the children's kitchen drawer and came up with this handful of toys.  Not exactly Educational Playthings (those pristine wooden expensive Swedish or something toys from the early 70s), these were cheap and plastic for the most part, but well-played with by many children during the past 13 years, and very much fun to draw now.  (Erik, I am holding on to the kitchen drawer toys in deference to your request.  Don't forget your box for transporting them, along with the archives from the bedroom closet---  okay, we can discuss it.  )

From left to right, stiff plastic container of french fries, so labeled in case there were any doubt; fake key that arrived in the mail alerting us to the possibility that we had won a car in a sweepstakes;  plastic lobster, provenance unknown;  Mr. Jolly Roger-- half a foam plastic pirate's ship that Maya and I bought at A.C.Moore and assembled into a fleet of bath tub boats, the boat part and other ships long gone;  three magic beans from scarlet runner vines that we grew four years ago on the front porch posts.

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