Friday, August 15, 2014

Ancient Silo and Seeds Again

Only one drawing today, but it took so long and was such an arduous hike to get to that it should count for a whole day's worth.  J and I hiked across a couple of very grassy fields under a very warm afternoon sun, slid under several electric fences, kicked and thrashed our way through knee-high weeds in order to get right up to the ruins of the old brick silo that stands at the end of our road in a farm field.  J climbed inside through a window to take some shots of the sky through the open top.  I stood in the shade of a big fencerow tree and drew him inside the silo.  Check Jacob's blog over the next few days to see his photos from inside the echoey, spidery, possibly wasp-nesty cylinder!

I realized today that I failed to link last night's post to Facebook, so I'm editing it and adding tonight's post to last night's.  Today I am back on the trail of seeds, wandering in the woods and wondering how it is that science has never found evidence of any kind of brain in a plant;  yet plants are able to make seeds, make food, defend themselves from predators-- and all without brains or any help from chemists or Google or medicine or any other experts.  So my words associated with seeds today are:  self-sufficient but plugged into something bigger than everything;  temporary shelters; dark; protected; juicy first, then dry and hard;  geometric in form;  encyclopedias of esoterica;  coded; brainless in the sense of a separate intelligence or ego.


  1. old round built spaces...i have an old wooden grainery attached to my barn that is so amazing... you get brownie points for all that work!

  2. and really, silos are granaries, holders of seeds; giant seed pods in a sense. Did you check out Jacob's photo? Rodin Crater, Stonehenge, the Pantheon of Rome.... Another seed word-- silo