Sunday, August 24, 2014

In Which We Give Up

 Okay we have given up.  The turkeys and their adolescent brood have taken over our yard and gardens.  Neither Jesse skirting the perimeter of the yard nor P flapping his arms in his most menacing manner while walking slowly through the massed crowd of eight large juveniles and three, sometimes four, females can impress these birds.  Today they marched out of the yard in a straight line ahead of P, and then came right back as soon as he and Jesse vanished inside.  Here are two mothers and one teenager picking at the grass.

Jesse is capable of looking threatening, but it just isn't enough.  Here he is grooming himself after his failure to rout the turkeys.
Late this afternoon I went for a woods walk.  The weather has turned cool after the miserable humid and hot week.  Up at the top are the high mountain tops visible from our fenceline and also from the end of our road.  Dark clouds are scudding across the tops of the mountains, and the wind is really blowing.  In the woods there are lots of bright red maple leaves already on the ground.  

This page is a scribble of things that I drew in the woods, along with another detail of the sunflower pattern, this time showing some seed sockets from which the seeds have fallen out.  Once you start seeing the patterns they are everywhere!  Even the human-built little rock cairn that I found along the trail seemed to follow some kind of Fibonacci sequence.

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