Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Make a Case for Your Pirate's Spy Glass and Other Small Happenings of the Day

Yesterday my daughter-in-law called me and asked me if I could make a carrying case for a pirate's spy glass that she found on line for Nate's fifth birthday next week.  So F and I scrambled around and found some glittery exciting gold buttons, an old leather bag with clunky hardware, and a pile of gold buttons for treasure to put in a little pouch inside the spy glass case.  Then I went home and found some scraps of buffalo hide.  And today I made up a pattern, very simple-- really just a shrunken version of the man bag I made for Nate last year -- and sewed up a fine case.  On the left above is my preliminary sketch with some planning notes.  On the right is a drawing of all the pieces cut out and assembled:  2 large rings from the old bag, the strap from the old bag, the golden button with its handsome anchor and chain, 2 front panels (each 2.5 x 5.5"), a side and bottom panel (2.5 x 13.5") and 2 fold-over ring holders that look like little toilet seats.  Oh, and also there is the front flap, 2.5 x 6.5"and curved at the bottom.
On the left is the finished case, which took about half an hour to make.  I began by sewing the flap to the back panel, right sides together, no hems, making a stitch 3/16" in from the raw edge and using my treadle machine with a leather needle.  Then I clipped the ring holders with the rings inside to the two ends of the side/bottom/side piece and stitched them so that the rings were attached to the long piece.  Then I clipped the long piece to the back panel beginning just below the flap stitch, right sides together, and made a stitch 3/16" in from the edge.  Then I rounded the corner and clipped the long piece to the bottom and sewed it to the bottom, and then rounded up the other side of the back panel and sewed that.

To complete the job I clipped and sewed the front panel to the long side/bottom/side panel just as I had done the back panel.  I then sewed the button on, stuck on a piece of Velcro to close the flap, clipped on the strap to the rings, and there you have it.

I took it to the post office and mailed it, along with the little bag of treasure;  and on the way home I saw the sheep, newly shorn and looking just like goats, grazing in the soft rain in the green green grass like a scene from Ireland.
The other studio job for the day was to finish carving a logo rubber stamp for one of my favorite places in Asheville, Regeneration Station.  They had ordered a rubber stamp made from their logo, and I had almost finished it.  Now it's all done and mounted on a wooden base, and here it is.  The next time you're in Asheville be sure to visit this antique/repurposed/recycled furniture and stuff place.  You'll find some real treasures there!

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