Friday, August 29, 2014

I seem to be getting into a pattern of posting two days together a couple of times a week, and that's fine with me.  I really don't enjoy staring at a computer monitor, all flickery and blue; so skipping a couple of days a week makes my eyes happy.  I started a little series of drawing out of the bedroom windows at different times of day and different light conditions.  The sculptural quality of sunlight and shadelight on the woods behind the field across the road is a reminder of how ephemeral everything is.  The bluebird house makes an altered appearance in every drawing, but the trees become so different depending on which branches are facing the sun at what time.

The drawing below the two woods drawings are of the rhododendron bush right outside the window and our  neighbor's fencerow beyond it.  At the bottom are two of our neighbors who walk together every morning, going and coming.

On the right page are two drawings of a tiny flat fold-over wallet that F designed and made a prototype of over the past few days.  This is such a tiny whisper of a wallet, perfect for slipping into a pocket or tiny bag like those flat travel bags for around your neck.  It's made of aluminum coffee bags so it provides an RFID shield for the credit cards within.  Soon to be available on our blog for probably $11 including postage.

 And below here are today's drawings of the out-the-window-scenes.


  1. These sketches are intriguing. I love your use of the negative space. Wow.