Friday, August 22, 2014

Stacks of Things, Jesse's New Inappropriate Favorite Toys, Seed Geometry

This morning, eager to draw after yesterday's Day Off, I decided to draw all the stacks of things that I could see without even getting out of bed.  First was our sloppy little wood pile out on the front porch, which I can see through the window that looks out that way.  It reminded me (well, not really, but it made me think enviously of) the first time I was in rural France and I was so amazed at the patterns everywhere-- the perfectly stacked wood, the rows of trees, the beautifully stacked stone walls.  I drew one of the French wood piles, and it was nothing like this one of ours!

On the right is a stack of towels in one of our big African baskets.  In the middle is a sort of stack but really just a spilling of Jesse's plastic Jesus finger puppets, which he stole from P's bathroom where they ride in a little paper boat in the soap dish by the sink.  The Jesi came in a box of Jesus bandaids as a premium  They're perfect Jesse toys I guess.  He likes to bat them both around at once.
On the left of this page is a stack of books from the bedside book shelf.  This is only a corner of the whole thing.  And under the bookshelf are another Jesus and one of the old furry mice, victims of combat?

On the right is a diagram that I made of the process of mitosis or cell division, which all of us learned in high school biology.  In conjunction with SEEDS, I am so curious about the microscopic level of things.  I read some seed stuff in one of Robert Lawlor's books,  and I copied the most important quote here.  Lawlor is writing about the sacred geometry, or basic, underlying geometry of the universe as it is manifested in seeds and cell reproduction.  I love this stuff, how one divided in half becomes two rather than one plus one equals two in the process of mitosis or cell division.
And then I painted the vesica pisces, which is the main geometric proof underpinning the creative act, be it in seeds or the birth of stars.  It is  surrounded by cells in the processes of fertilization and mitosis.  One year I was on sabbatical and I spent the best part of many days working out geometry proofs from this same book.  I know that geometry is going to work its way into this seed book.

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