Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mixed Bag

Time to get divergent.  I've been doing tight drawings of seeds mostly for the past couple of weeks.  It's not comfortable, but I feel like I need to loosen up and see what happens.  None of these drawings are finished, just messing around.    This first is a study for a woodcut, pulling on some old imagery and incorporating some new as well as a few seeds thrown in.
Ditto this one.
Back to seeds and flower heads but much looser, using an old paintbrush and a tin of watercolors with touches of the black pen I always use.
I was working at BookWorks this afternoon while I painted these seed heads.  I found the seed heads in the garden there.
Later Jacob came over and we went on a little adventure, starting out up on the high hills behind the house.  Then we walked down through a neighbor's road and fields to some woods where I knew there was a falling-down cabin.  We tromped through woods, poison ivy all over the place, the trail vanishing then re-appearing then vanishing again, and eventually we found the chimney and one falling down wall.  Here are two sketches of the chimney.
We came home through the woods, and when we came to a neighbor's bamboo grove, we climbed up the slope and went into this cathedral of a forest.  The bamboo is a giant variety, so dense in places it was impenetrable.  J lay down on his back and took straight-up shots while I sketched this little section.  We arrived home in time for dinner that P had cooked, a quick shower for J, and canasta for all three of us.