Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dentist Office Befores and Afters

I can't believe six months have passed since I made that creepy drawing of the shrouded tools in my dentist's office.  But they have flown by, and today I found myself sitting in the same dentist's waiting room, only the plants had been moved out to some other place to make room for a small xmas tree.  The before and after posters were still in place, however;  so I'm giving you today a report on how dentistry can make your teeth look way better.  At the top on the left are two smiles of the same woman.  In the before she's wearing a pinkish lipstick that makes her teeth look dingy.  One front tooth is chipped and the one next to it looks like it might have been part of the same mishap.  In the after the woman has improved her lipstick choice so that the deep red -orange brings out the almost blueish whiteness of her teeth, and there is not a trace of a lipstick mark on any of the teeth.  The chipped teeth have been capped or turned into crowns, and they look like piano keys!

In the middle row are aerial views of filled back teeth.  On the left the teeth are filled with tarnished amalgam plugs,  but on the right a tooth-colored plastic filling has replaced the old one.  Or maybe it's a crown.  Whatever it is, the teeth look like brand new perfect unfilled teeth.

At the bottom are aerial views of two sets of bottom teeth.  I have to confess that my teeth at one time could have been the model for the before set, and now, after gazillion dollars worth of crowns, my teeth look like models for the after set!  Whatever my dentist in the 60s and 70s mixed up in his little mortar and pestle was silvery for a few years and then turned black and tarnished. The new stuff wears well and looks like polished marble.

After my trials and anguish at the dentist (scraping and brushing and the terror that a tooth was going to break off with all that scraping and I would be facing a $1500 crown job) I rewarded myself by dropping in to lovely Greenlife grocery and buying fun things for a no-cook dinner:  tiny in-store-made chicken pies, tandoori chicken, beet and kale and apple salad, wild rice salad,  black corn chips in a great bag that has a Mayan calendar on it and that I will use to make my next sketchbook.


  1. I can't tell you how envious I am that I haven't got a Greenlife - or anything remotely close - here in Porto! Half of the local supermarket now full of piles of smelly dried cod - the rest being cabbage or potatoes!

  2. oh so sad for you! beautiful Portugal needs a Greenlife for sure!

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