Monday, December 16, 2013

Journal Group Meeting

This page, scanned before I numbered it (the numbers are 1150-1155) I drew at my journal group meeting tonight.  I drew some good ideas that other people had, such as adding tabs to help locate things in a journal, and writing the dates on the edge of the book and a very interesting process-- trace monotypes.

To do a trace monotype, Laurie took the pages out of the book (they were stapled in) and lay a blank page over a plate inked with rubber -based printing ink.  Then she drew on the page (I think she had a piece of scrap paper on top of the paper and drew on that.) and the back side picked up ink from the plate where her line was.  It also picked up nice little smudges and other marks, giving the drawing a mechanic-shop feeling that formed a great contrast with the precise drawings of tools and other things in her friend's garage.

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