Friday, December 27, 2013

Colors Just When We Need Them!

These lovelies tumbled out of their Fed Ex box yesterday-- double-ply colored jute garden twine!  What could be better?  Already I am planning on stringing them like lute strings from the porch roof to the garden edge where it meets the front porch and training snow peas on them.  And when the snow peas are done, some other tendrilly thing-- scarlet runners or moon flower vines.  I once saw a pea trellis made out of colored twine and it was amazing. 

Along with the colored twine came the same colors in inch- and- a- half-wide jute ribbons, perfect for  tying up bunches of herbs to hang in the kitchen, perfect for reining in the tomato bushes when they're flopping over with fruit and runaway branches.  My son Mike went crazy buying us colors for Xmas from his family, and we are so glad he did!  Thanks, Mike and Andi, Tallis, Luca, and Barnaby!

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