Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Short Busy Day, Long Dark Night

At ceramics studio this afternoon Maya finished under-glazing her fox sculpture.  These three views show it in its unfinished state with the under-glaze on but not yet fired.  You can see the fluffy fox tail as well as the front feet.  This fox is sitting up.  Maya made it from a ball of red-brown clay.  She has a good feel for form.  She draws foxes a lot, and when she formed this piece she pulled on ideas she has about foxiness from all those drawings.  The little bag is one I made today to fill an order.  It's made out of an Urban Outfitters carrying bag and has a green horse bag lining, tres chic with its tiny white metal chain for a shoulder strap.

This last drawing for today is of an enormous oak tree that squats on the edge of one of the woods trails, drawn from a phone picture that I took one night a few weeks ago.  I for one am very happy that in another two and a half weeks the light will be waxing again.  I couldn't even get a walk in today because by the time I got home at 6:00 PM it was completely dark, and I don't have a decent flashlight, and there isn't a single street lamp on our road.

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