Friday, December 20, 2013

At Fed Ex

I had an early-ish morning critique group that was so interesting I could hardly draw.  I did manage to draw Heather's lovely little boat-shaped fine mesh pen bag with its ink-stained zipper, and then below that, Laurie's sweet little reclaimed swimming pool toy book that has all the warnings that are printed on inner tubes and floaties and such bound together with grommets.  It's finished out with rubber stamp prints of swimmers, and the cover sports a thing that you blow up the toy with.  Very plasticky and summery and pool-ish and fun, and full of those dire warnings that pepper our lives.

And then I left BookWorks and dove into the line of traffic that seemed to lead to Fed Ex.  Eventually I arrived there and transferred myself and my packages to the inside line.  Once I got to the counter I was able to hand over my packages but had to wait while the clerk wrapped and packaged.  This was a great opportunity to draw!  I was especially interested in the device that hung over the little work table that reminded me in a way of one of those old flour dumpers in  Hoosier kitchen hutches.  This one gathered brown paper from a metal roll and funneled it into a tube-like device that gathered the paper into a crumpled tube.  The clerk would pull it down and rip it off and stuff it into the crevices of the box -- all in one swift motion.  I also liked the roll of giant bubble wrap that was under the table.  The clerk was knee deep in boxes, and wads of paper were all around on the floor.  She was really good with the impossible tape dispenser.

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