Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Self-Serv Farm Fresh Eggs!

My friend Maria took Fran and me for a long walk down her road this afternoon.  The weather was perfect, balmy, clear with blocky little clouds floating here and there.  The road goes through farmland, old houses, woods, horse fields, cow pastures, goat yards, sheep.  And a stream runs along the entire way.  Most wonderful was the farm that we went to where in a tiny farm office there was a wooden box for dollar bills and a sign telling you that you could put $4 in the box and take a dozen eggs out of the little refrigerator next to the table.  There were three dozen eggs in there, and F. and I pooled our change and bought a dozen to split, some pale blue, some yellowy green, some deep ochre.  I had to paint them tonight, so here they are.


  1. Such a beautiful sketch and painting of your walk! I love your blog!

  2. I love your blog too! It is inspirational. I also want to live where you do. We are buried under about a foot and a half of snow with a layer of ice underneath. NOT good for walking, which I love to do too. Great drawings!

  3. thanks All! wish you lived around here and we could walk together.