Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Really Bad Car Drawings Plus a Helpful Cat

Sitting in a long line of mostly-not-moving cars today waiting to pick up Maya from school to come spend the night,  I decided to draw what I am least interested in drawing in all the world: cars.  I don't see cars very well.  To me they really all look alike, either gray, black, or silvery wedges or van-like things, with the exception of VWs, Minis, and Smarts, which are usually in good colors and have distinctive shapes.  But here was a perfect opportunity to really study the details of different boring  cars, and so I have tried.  My lines look tentative and beginnery.  It was interesting to watch myself feel unable to draw and to make the same kinds of scratchy lines that many fifth graders make when drawing trees for the first time.

One of Maya's teachers has taught the class how to make cardboard looms this week, and so we made a loom that is long enough for her to weave a scarf.  Maya warped the loom and then began weaving different colored ribbons and odds and ends of glittery cord that we found in my studio as well as some tomato red yarn.  Jesse joined us and had a fine time helping.

Here's a bonus-  a photograph of Maya weaving Jesse into her scarf.