Friday, November 8, 2013

Topiaries Gone Rogue

But first, on the left, the exact same scene as last night's evening view of across-the-street, only this is how it looks at 8:00 on a sunny morning.  The walkers are different, too.  This time it's Kathe and Trina on their morning walk, facing the early sun.

Now for the topiaries, and I promise to drop this subject after tonight!  I've been on the lookout for topiaries that are in need of haircuts since Mary mentioned the ones at Ellen and Bill's the other night.  I sketched these while at two different red lights today.  They were all from the roadside tree lawns of Ingles supermarket and a McDonald's and a Shell station,  within a few blocks of each other along Highway 70 in East Asheville.  The two at the top were like bonzai topiaries, thin and wee, in front of Ingles.  The middle row collection is a bunch of McMuffins going wild.  The center one is starting to look like it might grow up to be a giant cake pop, with that stick-like branch taking off.  The Shell station had nice geometric designs, one a perfect rectangle.  We had a warmish rain a few days ago in between cold days.  Maybe that started them sprouting, and the landscapers are on winter schedule now. 

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