Friday, November 15, 2013

#900 plus on Friday Morning

Drawing 900 turned out to be Frank's apple with one bite out of it, at my critique group meeting this morning.  I gave it a shadow in honor of its lucky number.  The rest of the drawings are of objects around our table, plus one done later at City Bakery.  So the common thread would be Friday morning I guess.  To the right of the first drawing of Frank's apple is Margaret's tiny journal, wrapped in a leather strap.  Below the first apple, the apple after a little while.  To the right  is Clara's journal opened and ready while we were talking about her project.  And then at the bottom, phase three of the apple.  At the top of the right hand page is the final phase of the apple, and to the right of it is Michelle's little black leather purse.  Below Michelle's purse is Laura's lovely scarf, drawn the way it draped around her neck but without her. 

After the meeting I went to grab lunch at City Bakery, where I saw that the newest flavor of cake pops is S'More!.  The cake has been dipped in chocolate and then rolled in graham cracker crumbs.  Maybe there's a marshmallow in the center?

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