Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Badling of Ducks, A Cliff of Cordwood?

We went walking at Lake Louise today, and so I'm continuing along the roll I started yesterday:  groups.  I sketched the eternally moving ducks at the lake, some in the water, which I learned were called a paddling of ducks, and some on land, called a badling of ducks.

As we walked along one of the streets adjacent to the park, a corps of geese came waddling over, crossing a lawn and continuing on into the park.  I know geese are called a gaggle of geese, but according to the Almighty Guru they are also called a corps of geese.

I was a passenger in the back seat of a car on the way to the restaurant, and so I was free to look and draw as we traveled along.  And what luck!  About a mile down the road from the park on the left was the largest pile of cordwood I've ever seen.  I can't figure out how anyone was able to pile so much wood up so high.  The stack was as tall as a two story building,  perfectly stacked, and a medium-sized tree was growing out of the center of the peninsula that seemed to be made of earth surrounded by a cliff of cordwood.  It looked like a ziggurat or a Mayan stepped pyramid.  Amazing.  My son David told me that's the yard where they buy their firewood.

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  1. You are my English tutor and I enjoy your drawings so much. I saved the list of animal groups from because I find it so interesting.