Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Things Must Go!

I have  no idea how a set of false fingernails came to live on a shelf in my studio, but it's on its way out tonight.  I must have gotten it for some project, but it doesn't seem to have been used.  The little container of nail epoxy is still in its safety seal (Warning! Keep out of the reach of children!  If ingested induce vomiting! ) and there are literally hundreds of nails, lying together in the sections of the case spoon style, looking like elongated fish scales, each one with a slightly more opaque forenail that curls slightly downward like a -- well, like a claw.
 And then there are the two cunning little funnels, too tiny for any purpose, with slender throats,   Why do we have these things in a kitchen drawer?  No one can remember where they came from or why we have them.  They look like they maybe came free with something and were made for a very specific purpose, such as for slipping homeopathic remedies into tiny glass bottles?

In the same drawer as the funnels I found a black plastic oval that could lock and unlock.  Again, no discernible function. On the right side of the page at the top is a useless candle that I've had on a studio shelf for a long time.  I think I used it once to drip red wax onto a voodoo doll, but the wick is too short to light now and the wax has caved in, covering even the little stump.

Another mystery item, this time from the funnel drawer, is this white plastic thing.  It must be something that could be used to drain something, but surely not the sink.  It has a hole in the top so you could hang it up, and a little cup-like part that makes me think of an egg poaching thing, but could you poach eggs with all those holes?

Tonight's final item is a drinking jar about 1/6 filled with dessicated gum Arabic.  It has a label saying gum Arabic, and a wide piece of tape holding the lid on since it doesn't have a screw top.  The gum Arabic is hopelessly dried out and hardened, but I've held onto it with the idea of maybe melting it and using it.  Hopeless, and out it goes in the Miscellaneous bag on the curb tomorrow morning!

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