Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Fall Drawings

Today's drawings are more seed pods, drying plants, and the first fire in our livingroom fireplace after P's summer spent up on the roof cleaning ivy out of the chimney.  At top left is a very large flower on a draecena plant in the waiting room of the Chinese acupuncture clinic.  These plants are supposed to be good at cleaning toxins out of the air.  This one was thriving on whatever it was finding!  AT the bottom are two views of a Japanese lantern plant seed pod.  The flower is tissue paper thin, bleached pale ochre by now (it was orange in the summer), and it encloses loosely a fat brown seed pod.  I peeled a little hole in one of the pods, thinking it was a big round seed like a Japanese plum pit.  To my surprise it was a papery skin enclosing many. many tiny seeds.

On the left on this page is a hank of dried lemongrass from the front garden.  It smells wonderful, lemony, and promises many cups of lemongrass tea.  And on the right, the fire.

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