Monday, November 11, 2013

Cheers and Grrrrrrrs

My little Meyer lemon tree struggles away especially during the winter and late fall when it has to live indoors.  But this morning I was surprised to see that, in spite of being covered with way more than a spattering of scale now, it is putting forth a single sweet-smelling white blossom.  I gave it an indoor bath with Safer soap, and crusts of scale peeled away from its stems where I had not even realized it had any.  I'm tempted to plant it in the ground outside in the spring and just build a tent around it next fall as we do for the figs and lemongrass and over-wintering kale and Swiss chard..

Much later I went stomping around the house selecting objects that expressed the giant GRRRRRR that I'm feeling right now after several trying events.  It felt satisfying to draw these guys:  the little reproduction Minoan snake goddess with what I hope are copperheads in her fists and a fierce frown on her face;  the tempter- tantrum-throwing plastic baby from a long-ago King Cake;  the put-upon and grimacing frog candle holder with his load of melted wax ready to dump on somebody's irritating head;  the howling growling bisque-fired ceramic chicken that lurks in a dark corner of my studio.

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