Tuesday, November 26, 2013

# 1000

My friend Fran showed me a sprouting red onion this rainy morning when I arrived at her house.  Drawing it was a fine way to start the day.  I didn't draw anything else until after dinner tonight, when I grabbed a handful of silverware from the drawer that has odd pieces.  I had thought that I might get to 1000 this week, and I really wanted to finish up this sketchbook with that milestone drawing.  But I had only one double page plus a part of a back page of the book that already had some notes on it.  The silverware seemed like a good choice, all those skinny pieces that could be crowded onto the pages.  The numbering system is mixed up because I numbered as I drew, and I drew as I could fit things in.

So here's the last page of the sketchbook.  There's no real theme here besides most items being long and thin.  #1000, on the other page, is a pretty little green leather pouch in which I keep two Swiss army knives and a whittling knife.  I mainly use these for peeling bark when making paper from bast fiber.  I plan to take a couple of days off from posting since I'll be out of town over Thanksgiving and away from my scanner.  I will keep on drawing, just post everything when I get back in town.  I'm considering posting every couple of days instead of every single day, but keep drawing every day.  Not sure yet.  I am really loving this practice!  Drawing just gets easier and easier.  I highly recommend this.

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