Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Yesterday's drawings were so uninspired that I didn't even bother to post them last night.  It was a long day!  But here they are today, along with today's drawings, which are of dahlia tubers.  My friend E sent us a bag of these strange brown bulbs.  I have never grown dahlias before, but we have a blank space in our front garden, and we decided these dahlias will fill it nicely.
The strange thing about the dahlia bulbs (tubers is the correct term according to the articles I read about them) is that no two of these looked as though they were even in the same family.  The more I looked about them the more interesting they looked.  I think the warty one (2583) is maybe an old tuber.  There are a couple of small one shaped like yams that seem to be young, and then there are the long and skinny parsnippy ones.  The articles said to trim off the "rat tails" and break the bunches of tubers into single ones, the latter of which seems to have already been done.  I think there are a few eyes on these, which is good.  It's maybe a little late to be putting them into the ground, but we shall see. 

I really enjoy drawing roots!

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