Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Happiness of Soft Yellow Buckets and a Bright Orange Bag

Driving in traffic this afternoon I had the good luck of being stuck behind a big truck full of interesting tools and construction site things.  I had no idea what most of the stuff even was, but hanging tidily off the very back of the truck were two cloth buckets.  They were both safety yellow, but the one on the right was dirty and no longer that eye-searing yellow, unlike the spiffy one on the left.  What a good idea!  Soft-sided buckets for lifting nails and screws and maybe even snacks up to the guys in the cherry picker bucket at the top of the long crane-like thing that was folded across the top of the truck bed.  I sat behind this truck through about ten red lights, long enough to draw the buckets and also a work bench vise that was fastened to a little pole on the back of the truck.  You could live in that truck bed -- it was like a traveling workshop.

Later at home my book club came over and I drew my teapot, pretty boring, but that was what was in front of me.

But later I decided to paint the fabulous orange bag!  Several years ago when F and I started making wallets and bags out of recycled feed and food bags, I used to make paintings of our new designs and use them to update our blog.  Then we got so busy I didn't have time to do paintings, and I began updating with photographs. 

Tonight I had the great shiny perfect-sized bag that F made for a carry-on bag, for a beach bag, for an overnight bag, for a market bag-- for whenever one of us needs to carry a lot of things in a sturdy but very light and wonderfully roomy bag.  We share this bag, but someday we're going to have time to make a second one so we can each have one. 

Meanwhile, I had so much fun painting it (and then drawing all the things that fit easily into it) if you're going to the beach, for example), and I'm going to use it update our PieceWorks Wallets & Things blog.  You can order this very bag on our new catalog page for Big Loosey-Goosey  Bags, which we should be posting on Thursday.  Meanwhile, you can pre-order one for yourself for $35 (fully lined) or $25 (unlined) by emailing us at weRpiecework@gmail.com.


  1. Am loving seeing color in your sketchbooks again! Wonderful! Great looking bag too! ♥

  2. thanks! I'm enjoying color too. That said, today is a b and w day-- too much going on tonight to add color to what I drew today or to paint something! Trying to download a big upgrade so that I can get iCloud. I am in a computer bardo :-(