Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Mixed Bag of Faces

I went back to that Italy journal for this first page, again letting the faces that wanted to leap out do that.  Again the Bride, and then a stone carving from an abandoned village, a lace-making lettuce -growing woman who talked to us one afternoon and then pulled up three giant heads of lettuce and gave them to us for our cena (dinner) .  Also on this page, my friend E when she visited us that summer, and a man from the village that I always talked to but could not understand very well because he had such a different accent.
On this page I drew P while he took a nap.  The first drawing (2685) looks like Egon Schiele gone bad.  Under that one the angle is odd, but I like some aspects of the drawing;  and on the right is a pretty successful drawing.  P, unlike the cats, doesn't flip and flop and twitch and turn while he sleeps.

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