Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lazy Afternoon Drawing wIthout Getting Out of Bed

As soon as I open my eyes in the morning I look at the glorious epicea (chocolate soldier) plant that is presently putting forth crimson blooms amidst its silvery green leaves.  It lives in a genteel rusty peeling wire plant stand right under the window, and it always reminds me of the train trip home from New Orleans at least twenty years ago when P and I brought it from my beloved aunt's house to our house in North Carolina.  For twenty years that plant has thrived, produced numerous babies, bloomed for months on end, put up with our erratic house plant care schedule, and just carried on!

Today i was feeling lazy and had no interest in going out in search of interesting things to draw.  I thought, why not just appreciate the little things that I take for granted, and, more to the point, that I can see from this very comfortable perch in bed?  So on the right is my tiny deep blue teacup, with its  golden sickle moon, that my friend brought me from Malta many years ago and that I love to drink small cups of green tea out of.  Today it's full of green tea called "yogurt tea" that I bought in Barcelona and that has raspberries and chocolate and yogurt (??) mixed in with the tea leaves-- indescribably yummy.
On the left above is the indispensable crimson kimono silk eye pillow filled with lavender that F made for me when we went to France together last year.  Not only is is beautiful to look at, but it unfailingly soothes tired eyes, banishes headaches, and puts me to sleep within a couple of minutes.  And on the right, an old favorite cup for bedside water, made by one of my favorite former students-- its chunky shape fits perfectly in my hand and I love the little girl dancing on it.  The three seeds are from a bowl of pods, shells, seeds, (and lots of fluff and dust)-- souvenirs of long ago beach trips and woods walks.

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