Thursday, June 5, 2014


What's going on here?  Game of solitaire?  Card trick diagram?  Tarot reading?  And what about here, in the drawing below?  Clue:  done in L's studio, around 9 PM, end of a very long day, fierce cluster of computer puzzles to solve all afternoon, and now a difficult sequence to work out for a piece of artwork---  Meanwhile L's two ancient dolls stare with deep glassy eyes from within the red chair.


  1. I'm guessing these are all small drawings of your cat changing positions while napping. They would make a fun deck of cards!

  2. Good guess! They're small prints of Jesse rolling around in the driveway to blow off tension, which he frequently does. I made a Jacob's ladder book out of them; actually an edition of 20 of the little Jacob's ladders are in process. And yes, a fun deck of cards, too!