Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cat as Sock Monkey, Meatloaf, Assorted Bits and Pieces

I can never get enough of drawing Jesse in all his guises.  Today I drew him twice while he was sleeping and smiling and looking exactly like a sock monkey, especially in the top drawing.  Even while supposedly asleep, he has radar that lets him know when I'm standing within 5 feet of him and trying to slide a pen across paper silently.  Within three seconds he flips over.  He went from sock monkey on his back to a box of assorted cat parts (top right) and then immediately to cat as meatloaf.

Another flip and he arranged himself to be a stuffed turkey in a pan with the drumsticks trussed together.  And then he slowly slumped down to a turkey after being baked, plump and relaxed.

Yesterday I drew F's cat Montana, who holds a position for hours thanks to her sweet ancientness.  She's a beautiful tortoise shell colored cat, black and tan spots on white, and she often sleeps on a blanket that perfectly matches her fur;  but yesterday she was sleeping on a green striped blanket and contrasting nicely.

Later I went to my journal group meeting and had time to draw only someone's empty coffee cup with a paper napkin wadded up in it. 


  1. Great kitty poses! I thought that last one was ice cream! Must be craving something cool! ;) Love your work & your commitment to your sketching! ♥

  2. Yes, it could BE ice cream! Thanks! Always good to read your comments.