Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sweet Little Teenie, Another Motion Study

F's cat Teenie is a little fluffy tufted-toed brownish and blackish girlcat that reminds me so much of our Essie, RIP.  Today F and I sat on her patio overlooking her lush midsummer gardens while Teenie slept at our feet.  Teenie is NOT a still or deep sleeper, and for all that she is ancient in cat years, she has an acute sense of being drawn, and moves every thirty seconds or so.
So all tips fpr quick drawing came into play, including one other-- focus on the gesture, the sense of motion, the energy body.  I like the ones on this page, which I did after warming up on the top page.  I was especially happy to get one of Teenie with her feet in the air (2676), her signature sleeping posture.

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