Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Adobe Garden Shed

 Yesterday P and I were walking the long new River Trail with some friends, and we deviated at one point to walk through the college organic garden, which borders the trail for a short while.  I haven't really poked around in this wonderful garden very much in the past few years, although I used to walk through it every day and frequently held drawing class there.  I was so excited to spot a little garden hut made of cob (clay and straw) or adobe, free-form and lovely, with some old bottles embedded in the walls for windows or light slits. 

Since the hut is made of local clay, I used some of my local clay paints to do all of these paintings.  The painting above on the right is of a series of long greenhouses or hoop houses that are almost joined end to end.  Standing at one entrance you can see all the way through three houses into a shady grove of trees at the very far end.  The greenish paint in that one is also from around here:  ground up olivine rocks that Jacob and I found, several years ago when we used to collect clay and make paint together,  down by the river at the confluence with Christian Creek.  The black is from paint that Jacob made out of tar from a parking lot.  The white is from a chalky clay that Maya and I found up on Jones Mountain last year.

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