Thursday, June 19, 2014

This is NOT an Art Journal

I drew all morning off and on while working out a design for a large bag.  I would work with the material, then draw so that we could reproduce it.  Sometimes I had to redraw as I thought of new problems and solutions.  Drawing is the best way for me to think through something.  
On the second page, more design drawings.  Then in the middle of the left hand page is a quick painting of a nigella saliva flower.  These are blooming in profusion in the front garden right now and attracting lots of bees and butterflies.  They smell like honey and are on the top of tall stalks among feathery leaves.  My friend L told me they are nigella plants, and that their seeds are culinary seasoning seeds as well as medicinal.  They are volunteers from last year's butterfly garden, and whatever was crowding them out last year hasn't made it back this year, so these sweet little blue blossoms are the stars of the garden now.

This afternoon the purple thunderhead finally produced some actual rain, and not only rain but pea-sized hail!  For about fifteen minutes we had a great Wurlitzer organ of a thunderstorm with all these special effects.  Jesse was NOT a fan, as you can tell from his sad expression.  After a few minutes he came in from the back porch and leaned over his dish, and then he did a little grooming and ambled off to sleep away the rest of the storm in his bed.

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