Thursday, July 25, 2013

You Can Be a Winner!

I just finished the final class meeting of my book editioning class at Asheville BookWorks.  For our final meeting we had dinner at my house, and everyone brought her edition of small books.  About 2/3 of the class was also part of an annual event at BW in which we each give BW one of our editioned books to put into a cased set to use as a prize in a drawing (you buy a hand-printed postcard or other ticket-like object for $10 and your name is entered into a drawing for the set of books.  The proceeds go toward funding an artist's residency at BW.) And then everyone trades books with everyone else in the group.  And we all enjoyed and admired the little books while discussing how to make next year's event even better.

The small books that the class and Small Book Exchange people made this year are beautiful, funny, edgy, provocative, amazing.  If you're interested in having a chance to win the boxed set, go to and look for news about this year's small book drawing.  It should be posted in a few weeks, maybe sooner.  The drawing takes place at an annual festival held at the end of August at BookWorks called Printocracy this year and BookOpolis on alternate years.  You don't have to be present to win.

My quick sketches don't begin to do these books justice.  There will be pictures of them, however, on the BookWorks website over the next few weeks.  You can buy whatever it is you have to buy in order to be in the drawing right on the website.  Tickets are usually $10 and only 200 are sold.

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