Sunday, July 14, 2013


Today's post is a contest:  can you identify any or all of these things and guess what they might be used for?  Clue:  they're all old and no longer used for their original purposes.  Second clue:  they're drawn more or less in the same scale, about 75% of actual size, except for #161, which is about 95% of actual size.

Simply number your answers in your comment to correspond to the numbers in the post, i.e. #159 is a ___________.  I'll post the answers tomorrow.  There isn't any actual prize, but imagine how good you will feel when you realize you've correctly identified them all!  (Or how satisfying it will be to learn what they are if they've stumped you.).  And of course there will the be the glory of having your name announced if you're a winner!


  1. 159 fastener for an ace bandage
    160 lipstick applicator
    161 medal - pierced sacred heart
    162 cow bell
    163 awl for punching holes
    164 loofa but loofa are still used as loofas

  2. 159 old plastic or shell buckle now used to hold journal shut
    160 rapidigraph now used with homemade ink
    161 milagro now used to say i love you
    162 livestock bell now used to call your cat
    163 large quill now used to draw
    164 bone now used to draw

  3. I guessed the cow bell right away and the Rapidograph pen but the rest i learned from the other answers.
    Fun idea.